Cool Female Chihuahua Names
For The Chi That’s Part Dog, Part Diva

cool female chihuahua name

A new Chihuahua is coming to live with you, and you are excited. But, what cool female Chihuahua names should you choose for your new puppy? Should your Chihuahua's cool name be one that you just choose randomly? Or should you pick a puppy name that is a favorite for the breed? Or maybe you should you choose your own original name that you made up? Why not have a look through our list of Chi names below to help you make up your mind on your naming dilemma.

With our list, you will be able to find the best Chi names for your little female puppy. This list of names features ideas that are just as big as these little cuties personality or as small as their toy like size! So get a bit more comfortable as you make your search for some cool female Chihuahua names to fit your dignified, energetic, and gorgeous pooch.

Our Cool Female Chihuahua Name Ideas

Amber: Use this pick for your cute little jewel...This name is an all time favorite with Chihuahua owners, and it will work well with any pup that is well aware of her pioneering spirit and does not take it lightly.

Astral: Choose this pick for the dog that is a real star. This cute female dog is normally very sweet, but every once in a while she is overcome by bursts of anger, which makes everything in a 10 mile radius spontaneously combust. A cool name for the dog that knows how to throw a fit while not forgetting she’s a lady.

Caprice: This cool French name would work perfectly with an impulsive dog. This dog makes for an enthusiastic and generous friend. Another great name for the dog that is a pioneer both in thought and action.

groovy chihuahu

Carmen: The name of your drama queen dog, this name would fit perfectly with the Chihuahua breed. Carmen is very open to new ideas and a lover of freedom, which means that you and she will not see eye to eye on most things. A cool name for the dog that does not obey or submit to directions easily.

Fate: Give this name to the new Chihuahua in your life because you were destined to meet. Fate possesses a pair of the most beautiful and penetrating eyes which make you feel like she is staring into your soul. A cool name for the dog that you were destined to be with.

Foxy: This identifier can be added to your list of cool dog names. Foxy can be used for the cunning and beautiful little pooch. Foxy will only reveal what she wants you or anyone else to know, which makes the name perfect for a secretive and stubborn dog like the Chihuahua.

Jade: Choose this cool female Chihuahua name for the rarest and the most valuable pup that you have. This passionate pooch is very determined, and she will

Ambrosia Cindy Ember
Amelia Cinnamon Emerald
Angel Claire Emma
Angelica Clara Fedora
Baby Bear Clarabel Fifi
Baby Doll Delia Fiji
Bella Delilah Fiona
Belladonna Delores Isabelle
Belle Delphi Isadora
Bianca Delta Jane
Binky Demi Jewel
Bitsy Ditto Jezebel
Bambi Ditzy Jiffy
Cee Cee Diva Lava Lips
Celeste Dixie Kato
Celia Dizzy Katrina
Cinderella Ellie Kosmic

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