Cool Chihuahua Puppy Names
For Chi’s That Have That Certain Panache

When stuck looking for interesting names, sometimes all you need are a few cool Chihuahua puppy names that are just cool to get the ball rolling. Cool Chi puppy names can come from anything. Sometimes they are words that are fun to say and sound cute, or in other instances, they are related to something that is believed to be wild or dangerous like Crush, Whiskey, Buck, or Vegas.

cool chihuhua puppy names

A lot of dog owners choose to use a normal name for their dog, but when they do they normally try to pick a super cool character name like Corleone, Clyde, Gekko and Vito. All of which are leads in some classic but cool movies. So here is a little inspiration to help you come up with your set of cool Chihuahua puppy names.

Aston: This boy dog likes to have everything in the house where he wants it, and if you move his favorite chew toy, he will find it and put it back where you took it from.

Beau: The French for "handsome" this name suggests that should be given to a devilishly handsome dog. The pooch bearing this name will have a large measure of southern charm which is a nice image to bestow on your boy.

Cale: The name of the angel of Cancer from the zodiac, Cale would make a wonderful name for a cool puppy. Also the name of a warrior of Irish mythology this pup is a born adventurer that loves to entertain his friends, family, and total strangers.

Eudora: This is the name of one of five minor goddesses of Greek mythology and a major goddess in modern American literature. Eudora was also the name of the princess' mother in Disney's The Princess and the Frog.

cool chi puppie

Laila: Choose this cool and exotic identifier for the lovely Chihuahua pup. A variation of the name Leila, this one makes an attractive choice. This girl dog is always on the move, and a gypsy at heart.

Orion: The name of the mythical Greek man who was turned into a heavenly constellation, this name should be given to the cool Chihuahua with an ever-so-slight sci-fi feel. This pooch will have a Gaelic link to O'Ryan, which means your boy dog has all the makings of a rising star.

Putt Putt: A cool Chihuahua puppy name for the breed that has short legs and putts around the house. Also a good name if it’s owner has control of his putting game. Otherwise it would be Putt Putt Putt.

Phoebe: A mythological goddess, Phoebe was the goddess of the moon, and it makes this choice a cool one for a moon lover. This girl is often seen watching as she is suspicious of everyone.

Prudence: Like Hope and Faith, Prudence is a puritan pooch. Prudence is emotional and sensitive to the environment and the weather changes. A cool name for the dog that loves home much, but enjoys travel with her sweater.

Rabia: Thought to be one of the 10 angels who follows the sun on its day-to-day course, Rabia is a cute name for your little companion dog. In addition to being a lovely image redolent of mythology, this pooch is a great friend.

Ridge: This name just has suave and personality to it. A cool Chihuahua puppy name for a more distinctive pup that likes living life on the edge.

Babe Heathcliff Race
Banjo Lucky Rambo
Bluebell Majesty Rebel
Buck Mako Rio
Buster Malone Rocket
Congo Manny Rogue
Cougar Mantra Scorpio
Count Marco Sinatra
Countess Marshall Sinbad
Crockett Maverick Spartan
Cruise Mercedes Speck
Duke Neon Sugar
Elvis Porsche Talon
Goddess Prince Tequila
Gypsy Princess Tex

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