C-D Male Chihuahua Names
Cute Names That Begin With These Letters

Need some inspiration for some C-D male Chihuahua names to call your puppy? Here's a list with some of the best dog and puppy names for your toy breed dog. Chihuahuas are some little adorable creatures that make great companions and family pets. And once you have carried this little fellow home it is your responsibility to groom, treat it like a member of your family and of course find a suitable name for him. Most dogs are their owners’ best friends, and if he is to assume the role of being your buddy, he needs to have a name, so here’s some C-D male Chihuahua names

Our C-Male Chihuahua Name Lists

Charmer: Choose this name for your really suave guy that is a real treat for the ladies. This little boy is known to cast spells on all those he meets. A good name for the Chihuahua that seems to have magical powers.

Chopsticks: If you're of oriental lineage, you might consider this name for your Chihuahua. Hilarious and always in trouble, this boy loves his noodles.

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Chump: This pooch does not understand the basics of life on earth. This puppy is of self-supposed importance, and often has a snooty personality towards strangers. This boy considers everything to be disposable except for you of course.

Clipper: Brave, but overrated this boy tries to be a bad boy but is all talk. A cute name for a fun and mischievous, introvert who makes a good protector.

Colin: Give this name to your dog with the brown hair and brown eyes. Colin is a Greek name meaning "Victor. This boy normally has a fiery temper, but he is also very sweet to be around. Make sure when you find a Chihuahua that is a Colin don't let him go, because Colin's are rare.

Cooter: Cooter is a good name for the dog that loves himself more than everyone else does. This pooch usually lives on the other side of the tracks but generally an ok guy.

Caboodle Candie Chewie
Cactus Capella Cheyenne
Caesar Cappuccino Chico
Cain Capricorn Chief
Calamity Captain Chicory
Caliber Carlos Cupcake
Calico Cassidy Cody
Callie Cassius Colby
Callista Castro Comet
Calloway Chalupa Commander
Calvin Chance Conan
Calzone Charlie Corky
Camaron Chaser Cosmo
Cameo Chavez Crockett
Camilla Chewbacca Cupid

Our D-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Dacey: This name is of Irish, Gaelic and Latin origin, and it means "from the south". This Chihuahua is a bit rough around the edges, or so he thinks, but he offers you his endearing love and devotion. A cute name for your very delicate puppy.

Dagan: Choose this name for your most incredible, thought-provoking, exciting and fun-filled dog. Meaning grain, Dagan is a good name for a small breed dog like the Chihuahua. This pooch loves to climb and jump around.

Daire: The name Daire is a good boy dog name. Daire is Irish in origin and means "Wealthy". Any pooch bearing this name is a one-person dog. A cool name for your snuggly pooch who is happy to share the wealth of his affections.

Diego: This identifier is ideal for the dog that is known for being quiet and very stubborn and of course good looking. He is very charming, but don’t get tempted as he might break your heart. A cool name for the pooch that has a flirty personality.

Demitri: The name of the coolest Chihuahua ever to have been born. Demitri has a deep loud bark, and no one knows what makes this fellow so charming, but he is totally adored by everyone.

Dominic: Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this Chihuahua. Every fiber in this pooch resonates with immense power and unimaginable strength, which can be seen through his bark and his determination. This boy has a lot of spunk!

Duckie: A British term of endearment for a sweet and innocent person, Duckie is a cool name for your graceful little pooch. This boy doesn't care what others think, as he will do whatever he pleases to have a great time.

Dade Dashing Deacon
Dag Darby Dean
Daimon Daredevil Deacon
Dajan Darnel Decker
Dakar Damien Dempsey
Dakota Darryl Denali
Dale Dart Dennis
Dallas Darwin Denny
Dalko Dash Denton
Dane Dasher Depp
Damario Dasher Devin
Dandelion Daytona Dinky
Dandy David Dino
Dannon Davis Donovan
Danny Davy Dweezle


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