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Chihuahua Names That Begin With These Letters

Here is a good list of A-B male Chihuahua names to help you find the right one for your cute little puppy! Naming your Chihuahua is a very important and complex process. The reason for this is, on one hand you have a really cute little dog that all of your friends want to hold, while, on the other hand, you have a pooch that is very wary of strangers. So how do you find an A-B male Chihuahua name that satisfies the handsomeness of your dog, yet it lets others know that this little cute ball of fur has a really fiery attitude? Just browse through our list of cute and even funny Chihuahua names below to find a name for your loyal pet...it's as simple as that!

Our A-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Albino: Albino is a Latin boy name meaning "Blond". This pick would work great with a blond colored dog. This boy is sincere, patient, dependable and forever loving. A fine name for your loyal friend.

Aldo: Choose this name for the absolutely nicest Chihuahua on earth. He has a dark blonde coat, large big brown eyes, and is a cute as freckles. A cute name for the funny guy that loves dinosaurs.

sassy chihuahu

Aleron: A word used to describe an endangered species in the Caribbean, Aleron is a wonderful moniker for a dog that is a bit short tempered, but has a heart of gold.

Alex: If you are a fan of the baseball players Alex Ochoa and Alex Rodriguez, then Alex is a fine choice to call your dog. This boy will love to play catch and fetch with you. Your fun loving and energetic pooch deserves this cute name.

Andy: This name is the perfect choice for the dog that has all the makings of a fearless warrior. This pooch will command high respect among his friends. An invaluable and skilled pal to have around the home, even though he might be small.

Arrow: A good name for a slender dog with a usually prickly attitude. Although he might be small this boy is much more than just barks.

Aaron Alfred Archer
Abbott Ali Archibald
Abe Alpha Archie
Ace Alto Armani
Adam Amadeus Armstrong
Ajani Amore Arnold
Admiral Amos Arsenio
Adolph Amigo Art
Adonis Anthony Arthur
Aladdin Antonio Artemis
Al Antony Astro
Alan Apollo Atari
Albert Apricot Atlas
Aldo Aquarius Atom
Alf Aramis Atticus

Our B-Male Chihuahua Name Lists…

Blue Chip: Choose this name for your valuable Chihuahua pooch. This dog isofhigh investment quality and is one of your priceless assets. A cute name for the Chi that stands out during family games.

Boca: Meaning "mouth" in Spanish and Italian, Boca is a cute name for the little dog with the really big mouth. This boy will have a threatening and surprisingly deep bark, especially when strangers are in his range.

Bodyguard: Bodyguard is a cute name for the dog that has dedicated himself to protect you from harm. This Chihuahua is usually armed and dangerous and is responsible for the safety of your family.

Bogart: This Old German name means "bow strength" and is a cute name for your Chihuahua. This strong little boy is known for taking the last cookie or bone. This retro name would suit the dog that controls the bone and refuses to share.

Bunyan: This is the perfect choice for the little Chihuahua that is easily angered and annoyed to the point that he'll just snap at your friends and try to bite at their fingers. Although this pooch is not a giant like Paul Bunyan, the lumberjack, this boy will perform the same types of superhuman acts just for you.

Bugsy: The word 'Bugsy' comes from the common rabbits, which are known for digging holes and the name would be perfect for your little Chihuahua. This is also a cute name for your gangster like pooch.

Babu Basel Bimbo
Bambino Baxter Bingo
Banannas Beau Binki
Bandit Beaver Bishop
Bandito Beeper Bits
Banker Benji BJ
Banner Benny Blackie
Banjo Benson Blackjack
Barbarino Bentley Blade
Barker Bermuda Blarney
Barkley Bert Blue
Barney Big Mac BamBam
Baron Biggy Booger
Barry Bijou Boogie
Bart Biker Buffy


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