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Looking for the perfect set of A-B female Chihuahua names for your new Chihuahua puppy? Search through our list of names to find the best name for your new puppy from our selection of female puppy names. Our lists includes A-B female Chihuahua names that sound big or small and can match a dog with either personality! So there is a good chance for you to find the right name for your Chi right here. We hope you and your pal enjoy your Chihuahua name search.

Our A-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Alberta: A walking goddess, Alberta is a cool name for your gorgeous Chihuahua. Like a model, this pooch is elegant, funny, and easy to talk to. A cool name for the dog that enjoys beautiful scenery.

Amelia: A crazy, loud and lovable girl, Amelia is the cute dog that makes it impossible for you not to be smiling when around her. Occasionally called Mia or Millie, this girl lights up the entire room when she comes in.

Aphrodite: Choose this name for the pooch of superior charms or excellence. This Chihuahua has great charm and beauty that arouse great adoration. A seductive name for an extraordinary beautiful dog.

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April: A highly cultured, intelligent, down-to-earth pooch, April has tons of friends throughout the neighborhood. This girl dog is a lover of cinema and social settings. An interesting name for a dog with a witty sense of humor and is a great pooch to get advice from.

Ariel: The name of the mermaid princess and daughter of King Triton in The Little Mermaid, Ariel would be the best name for your little Chihuahua. Ariel is the best of all the toy dogs in the neighborhood, because she has the most amazing bark and is as gorgeous as a mermaid.

Aura: "Aura" the name of the ever-changing flow of life energy around the body, Aura is a sweet name for your little Chi dog. Give this name to the dog which energy can be harnessed for supernatural abilities. A fun name for the dog with the good "chi" or "ki”.

Abbra Kadabra Ambrosia Ashes
Abella Amaretto Ashley
Adriana Ana Asia
Affinity Angelica Astoria
Agatha Anastasia Athena
Agnes Andora Atlanta
Aimee Andrea Atilla
Akira Anita Augie
Aksana Annabelle Augusta
Alana Annette Aurelia
Alejandra Aretha Aurora
Alicia Arizona Autumn
Amber Arlene Avery


Our B-Female Chihuahua Name Lists…

Babette: A cute name for a petite girl with brown hair. This pooch gets jealous and emotional quite quickly. Capable of being both beautiful and adorable, this pooch is extremely intelligent and blonde. This girl values herself highly.

Baby: A sweet name for the tiny dog that you love a lot and want to call a cute name. This miniature little girl dog will bark at all hours of the night. No matter where you hide your things, she will find them. A cute name for your little Baby Cakes.

Babydoll: Brilliant and industrious but also fun and a great laugh to be around, Babydoll is your own cute little pooch. She has a shy but strong personality and is very honest. This pooch is not one to joke about serious things, and she is one who gives amazing advice.

Bessie: Bessie is a good name for your little puppy. This pooch loves to have total freedom and sometimes be by herself. She's the friend that is always there when you need her.

Beta: An unfinished version of a program released for users to test before the release of the final version, Beta is a wonderful name for your most beautiful girl ever. Amazing in all ways possible, this old friend will help you move, even if it is a dead body.

Buttons: Term used to describe the decorative screws on the outside edge of expensive rims; Buttons is a wonderful name for your Chihuahua pooch. This loyal friend will bark at your jokes when they are not so funny, and consoles you when your problems are bad.

Bacca Belladonna Bluebelle
Bailey Belle Blueberry
Baja Belisama Blue
Bali Bellina Bonita
Ballerina Bianca Brandy
Bambi Bertha Bravo
Bamboo Bess Bree
Bandi Beth Breeze
Banshee Betsy Breeze
Baroness Betty Brownie
Barracuda Betty-Boop Bubbles
Beans Beverly Buffy
Beatrice Bianca Bunny
Beauty Bibi Burgess
Beige Bindi Burgundy
Bella Biscuit Buttercup

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